Birthday Parties!!

Book a party at Children’s Art Factory! Please book early to avoid disappointment!

Friday evening  from 5:30-7:30  pm 

Saturday from 2-4 pm and 5:30-7:30 pm

Starting in September there will be 3 time slots available on Sunday

Sunday 10-12 pm; 1-3 pm and 4-6 pm 



loot bags!






When booking a birthday party please leave your phone number and check your spam for an email from CAF. Sometime our emails go to junk mail. Please note: B-day parties are not officially confirmed until $50 deposit is received.

Customized Packages start at $225 (+ HST) (10 children / 2hrs). Prices can go up from there depending on activity. Additional children are $15.00/child extra.  Please note: 12 children is the limit. ***B-day child is included in these numbers. i.e. 9 guests + B-day child = 10 children OR 11 guests + B-day child = 12 children

We are a small studio. To ensure a fun and enjoyable time for everyone, we cannot accommodate more than 12 children for a customized birthday party.  Package includes loot bags( we call them CREATIVE INVENTION KITS), decorate your own cupcakes; party hats and customized art activity using Birthday theme. For ideas /prices check below.

ON THE DAY OF THE BIRTHDAY PARTY  Please arrive no earlier than 15min prior to party time.

All birthday parties have the full use of the studio.

$50 deposit is required within 24hrs of booking, to reserve your spot. We accept EMT payments to with password ‘birthday”  or Credit Card over the phone payments.

****CAF does not provide drinks. Outside food is welcome. We accept cash; cheque (made payable to Children’s Art Factory Inc.) and credit card for payment.

Great for ages 2+ (Parents of party guests are welcome to stay during party!)

More than 12 children? The space can be rented for $225 (+HST)/2hr (space available Saturday afternoons and Sundays) with a limit of 20 children.Birthday decorations and a table for BYO finger foods is available. An individualized craft would not be available due to space restrictions. Loot bags can be added at an additional cost of $5.00/child. Decorate-your-own Cupcakes for up to 20 children can be provided for an additional fee of $25.

Downloadable Party Invitation

$225+HST (10 children/2hrs)

This party includes customized shape on a stand made of laser-cut mahogany. Themes can be virtually anything of a child’s interest such as a favourite book/tv character: Trolls/Superhero/minion/hungry caterpillar; Star Wars; Hello Kitty:Moana) or popular activity: Lego/shopkins/minecraft/pokemon or animal/mythical creature such as pony/unicorn/dinosaur/cat/dog/robot. We are happy to customize based on your child’s interest. Items will be painted/decorated using either tempera or acrylic (depending on age) and wrapped for easy take home.

* All parties include loot bags; party crowns; decorate-your-own-cupcakes and full use of the studio. A highly trained staff will make sure the party runs smoothly.

















$250 +HST (10 kids/2hrs): Themes to choose: Transportation; Mini Matisse ; Puppets or Playdough. Scroll down for more detailed info on each of these themes.

Transportation Party: includes any kind of transportation vehicles with wheels including: trucks; trains; cars; airplanes; emergency and construction vehicles). All items are made from laser-cut mahogany with working wheels. Please let us know which type of transportation vehicle you would prefer. We are also happy to create a variety if you wish. All items will be painted (with either washable tempera or acrylic paint depending on age) and wrapped for easy take-home.









Mini Matisse Party: includes paint and decorate-your-own ready to hang Masterpiece! Artwork will be wrapped for easy take home!



mini matisse






Puppet Party : includes canvas puppet on a  wooden stand to paint and decorate. Puppets will be wrapped for easy take home!



puppet 2






Play-dough Party: includes process-based play-dough activity during party time and individually wrapped play-dough with cookie cutter for each child to bring home. Great party for little ones ages 1-3 yrs. Allergy Alert *Our play-dough is hand-made with love and flour by our play-dough expert (Melissa’s Mom!). Let us know of any allergies and we may be able to accommodate.








$275+ HST (10 kids/ 2 hrs) Themes include: Wizard; Fairy/Gnome; Princess/Knight; Pirate/fairy/mermaid; turtle shells; Dolls; School of Rock , paint-your-own drum or Hobby Horse/Unicorn. Most of these parties come with their own specialized party hats. For those parties without a themed hat- party crowns will be included. Please scroll down for more detailed info on each theme.

FAIRY/ GNOME  PARTY : Includes  wooden fairy/gnome houses to paint and decorate. Each Fairy receives a flower wreath with ribbons; fairy wings and wand, Each Gnome receives a wand and red cone hat with fluffy beard.  Houses/wands will be wrapped for easy take home.  Please let us know the ratio of fairies to gnomes for your party.

**This is our most popular party!









Princess/Knight Party: includes castles to paint and decorate; wands and/or wooden swords; princess hats (tiaras or cone shape with ribbon) and knight helmets to take home. Castles will be wrapped for easy take home. Please let us know the ratio of knights to princess for your party.









Just Knights Party: Each Knight will receive a mahogany shield  (emblem can be customized to suit b-day child) with straps for holding it for play and wooden sword to paint and decorate. Each child will also receive their own knight helmet  (made with silver poster paper) to wear and take home (more pics to come). Shield/swords may be wrapped for easy take home.








Wizard Party  Each child will receive a customized mahogany spell book (with blank pages for adding spells) and wooden wands ( Harry Potter style or star shaped) to paint and decorate. Wizards hats for each child are included. Spell books will be wrapped for easy take home.

spell books spellbooks 2 wizard!






Pirate Party: Each child will receive a wooden pirate ship with canvas sail and wooden sword to decorate and pirate hat to wear and take home. Pirate ships/swords will be wrapped for easy take home.


Mermaid Party: Each child will receive a canvas ready-to-wear mermaid tail (sewn and stuffed) to paint and decorate; wand and tiara. hangers will be provided with each mermaid tail for easy take home!  
 SCHOOL OF ROCK PARTY Each child will receive a working wooden guitar to paint and take home.        
18513582_141829696359724_1316567880367603712_n18513450_210184166164024_5604843217888477184_nrock star                           
 Paint your own Drum Party– Each child will receive a working drum and wooden drum sticks to paint and decorate.
IMG_20151129_134221 IMG_20151129_153524 IMG_20151129_112824                              Ninja Turtle or Just Turtle Party! Includes ready-to-wear turtle shells made with wooden base with stuffed shell. Fun to paint and wear! Turtle shells will be worn at the end of the party! Wooden swords and Masks can be added for an additional $25.








Hobby Horse or Hobby Unicorn Party! Each child will receive a hobby horse or Unicorn on a sturdy wooden dowel to paint and take home. A forever keepsake!

IMG_20170312_150807_218 IMG_20170312_150935_175 16230392_1400552513298426_3435134651729969152_n






Wooden Doll Party: Each child will receive a wooden doll on a stand to paint/decorate and take home.








$300 +HST Party Themes include: Superhero Party; Dollhouse Party

SUPERHERO PARTY $300 (+HST)(2hrs/10 children) Each child will  receive a handmade cape to paint and take home.  Decorate-your-own masks can be added for an additional $25. Capes and masks will most likely be worn home!

super hero cape     capescape painting





DOLLHOUSE PARTY (2hrs/10 children) Paint and decorate a wooden dollhouse and a little wooden family (3) to take home! Houses will be wrapped for easy take home.

house painting! house painting2 house painting3






CLOTH DOLL PARTY  Machine-sewn stuffed cloth doll with stand to paint decorate and take home. Dolls can be wrapped for easy take home.

                                                                                                             dolly 1 dolly dolly3