New Studio hours on Friday! Please note: the studio will be open on Fridays from 9-4pm in order to accommodate Friday evening B-day parties.

The Children’s Art Factory is a Drop-in Art Studio for toddlers and pre-schoolers. Children over the age of 5 are welcome with the understanding that priority is given to younger children.

Questions? Please contact or 226-500-1544

Cost: $10.00 per child (CASH ONLY) $15.00 for 2 children; $20 for 3 children;$25 for 4 children etc). Frequent Visitor Cards can be kept at the studio and do not expire.  Prices for Frequent visitor cards are: $35.00/5 visits; $60.00/10 visits and $100/20 visits.

We are closed for Drop-ins on  Mondays, Saturday afternoons and Sundays

 NO SHOES PLEASE in the studio! This is to prevent the moon sand from leaving the studio on the bottom of shoes.  We very much appreciate your accommodation! Please remember to wear clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty/painted/wet or moon dusty.  No shirts and bare feet are welcome!

As a studio we focus on the process of Art not the product.  All activities are    open-ended and child-led. We explore many different types of Art and change themes weekly to keep things fresh and interesting. Imagination-based play and messy art activities are emphasized.  The best part?….We clean-up the mess!

                     Check our website calendar (below) for weekly themes!

        Ask us about our Birthday Party packages.
(Saturday Afternoon & Sunday Parties – Dates are filling up fast)

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October 2014
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September 29, 2014N/A


Category: GeneralPlaydough!


September 30, 2014N/A


Category: GeneralPlaydough!


October 1, 2014N/A


Category: GeneralPlaydough!


October 2, 2014N/A


Category: GeneralPlaydough!


October 3, 2014N/A


Category: GeneralPlaydough!


October 4, 2014N/A

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The best description of what we do here at the studio is from the book YOUNG AT ART by Susan Striker:

“If it is important to you that your child’s clothes always be neat and tidy, then [this studio] will make you uncomfortable. I’m not promising to turn your child into Michelangelo. [ This studio] is not about drawing or painting well. It is about encouraging your child to think independently and confidently. It is about helping your child explore their surroundings in an adventurous manner, but with sensitivity. It is about helping your child maintain a level of curiosity all children are born with, but most lose by the time they are ready for school”

   297 Woolwich St. Guelph, ON               226-500-1544 (during business hours)


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