There is something truly magical about teaching young children how to sew using machines in the very place they were being built 135 years ago. In our studio we embrace child-led and play based learning; in our Small-Fry Sewing Society that means children are given a foundational knowledge of how to use their tools and then are given the freedom to experiment and explore with support from their Society Leader.  Step-by-step projects have their place, but it is not here. Here we celebrate innovation, unique designs, and perfectly-imperfect hand drawn patterns. Past Society Members have proudly designed and made their own home décor, clothing, and stuffies a beautiful tribute to the history of this beautiful building that we now call home, as it began it’s life as The Raymond Sewing Machine Factory in 1875. 
Sewing Society Leader: Joy Zambri (She/Her)
A 4 week commitment is required. This is a drop off program. Our 4 week programs have limited capacity, for this reason, we do not provide refunds or make-up sessions for any missed classes.