Littlest Writers Inc.

Children can play with words the same way they play with blocks and paint! In Littlest Writers Inc. with Libby, early literacy skill-building is secretly disguised in fun game-based sessions that build confidence in your little writer. 

Interested in enrolling your child in

 Littlest Writers Inc?

Meetings are held weekly from 4:30-6:00 pm
Drop off program
Age 7-9 yrs
$100 +hst  membership fee includes 4 meetings
Please email if you have any questions.

ABOUT Libby Johnstone

Libby, a local writer and mom, didn’t consider a writing career until she was in her mid-thirties, often swallowed whole by low self-esteem. She had to shatter her own fears about the writing process that made it seem so hard. That’s what she passes on to young writers — those quietly powerful insights that led to her own increased writing confidence.
The Littlest Writers Club aims to ignite a love of writing early on, with an approach that is as playful as the CAF’s approach to art. It’s designed to encourage little ones who have a bit of difficulty, as well as children who write with ease.
Libby has a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and a Masters of Fine Art in Creative Writing (2013). For the last five years, she’s given workshops for children and adults, tutored with Oxford Learning in Hespeler, Ontario, and written web content for small business.
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