We welcome field trips to our studio 

 $8.00 / Kindergarten student
Minimum 15 to a Max of 30 Kindergarten students
1 adult volunteer for every 5 Kindergarten students is included.
 Afternoons only
Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays
1:00-2:30 pm



Our studio is geared to kindergarten level students and set up with many
different art and sensory stations to explore and discover.
We believe that children learn best through play. To that end, we do our best to support and encourage unstructured and independent play as much as possible by doing away with any unnecessary instruction and adult led activities. Our stations do not need explanations, children will for the most part, understand and be inspired to play with them right away. We allow children to make their own decisions about where they play and for how long they play at each station. The adult’s role in our studio is of quiet support and to be on hand if needed. We will also ask the adults and volunteers to watch that our sensory materials and tools stay within their stations.   In our studio children have the opportunity to engage in meaningful and messy play.
In order for students to fully experience our studio, it is recommended that students bring an extra set of clothing as well as extra socks, when they visit, just in case.
Please email art@thechildrensartfactory.com
if you have any questions.