PA DAY Camps: Available on Upper Grand District School Board PA days


Campers will explore lots of different and messy art materials and techniques in our camp room and in the play lab. PA CAMPS also enjoy lots of free play outside in our potion lab and mud kitchen and play in the main studio.

The philosophy of our camps is the philosophy of our studio: given the time, space and materials, children will dive deep into play without much needed from grown ups. We aim to nurture this naturally occurring magic, to the best of our abilities in all our camps, by providing lots of free time and child-led play with a mix of individual and group projects. We also invite artists and makers in our community to share their skills with our campers from time to time. We love to explore new and messy materials and children are given clear and gentle guidelines to ensure safety. Sometimes we take a break from our studio and explore our surrounding neighbourhood by picnicking and playing at the park, going for walks (we call them parades) and visit  local shops and services for real world experiences. Campers usually end up pretty tired by days end but their eyes are sparkling; the result of the creative day on their bodies and clothes rather than on the art they bring home!



PA DAY CAMP FACILITATORS: Kristie Boivin (She/Her) and TBA shortly 

*All of our Program Facilitators have vulnerable police checks and have up-to-date first aid certificates*

For questions regarding our camps. Please contact our program manager, Joy Zambri (She/Her) for more information