Food may not be consumed anywhere in our main studio, with the exception of pre-booked parties  where food may be consumed in the Party Room. Water may only be consumed in our entrance area only.

Socks are required to be worn in our main studio by all visitors (including Adults).


Sickness and Safety Measures

To manage the risk of spreading viruses and other illnesses at the Children’s Art Factory we have implemented a thorough cleaning and sanitation program, along with strict personal hygiene and hand washing guidelines. All individuals entering the Children’s Art Factory are required to abide by the below policies in accordance with the most current public health guidelines and laws.

  • Food may not be consumed in the studio, with the exception of pre-booked parties, where party guests eat food in the Party Room and full day programs including such as camps. Water may only be consumed in our entrance area.
  • All visitors are required to wear socks

Parents/guardians are asked to assist in the prevention of the spread of illness by keeping themselves and/or their child(ren) home from visiting The Children’s Art Factory if ANY signs or symptoms of illness are observed. 

 By booking a visit/birthday/program to our studio, you are acknowledging that you have been made aware of, and accepted that risk. 

I agree to the following:
● I have read and understood the above information;
● I understand and accept the risk of illness associated with placing my child(ren) in a workshop/program and/or visiting the studio;
● I agree to make immediate arrangements to come and pick up my child from the program if required due to illness;
● I agree to exclude myself and members of my household from programs/studio visits immediately upon observing any signs/symptoms of illness.

Payment Policy
We require payment in advance for all of our programs and services. Registration with credit card/visa debit is available online through a secure scheduling system ( BookThat App)
Studio VISIT Cancellation Policy (if you are coming for a visit)
 Out of consideration, we request at least 24 hours notice to receive a refund for a cancelled visit.
No Show Policy: Should you miss your visit without proper notification (24 hours) a refund will not be given.
Monthly PROGRAM CANCELLATIONS (studio visit see above)
Our 4 week programs during the week can be cancelled due to government shut downs, low enrolment, staff sickness or inclement weather. Our studio follows the Upper Grand District School Board’s decision on travelling safely during inclement weather, if local schools are closed, our 4 week programs will also be cancelled. A staff member will call in the event of a program cancellation and credit will be issued for a cancelled class. Refunds are not issued for a missed class in any of our 4 week programs or weekly camps. Cancellations of weekend programs due to inclement weather would be decided by City buses not operating.

No Show policy for Single day programs: Should you miss a single day program (art workshops) without proper notification (at least 24 hrs) a refund will not be given,


 In the event of a full studio closure (inclement weather/ city buses are not operating;  province wide shut down or other) booked parties may have to be cancelled and a full credit or refund (depending on circumstance) would be issued.  In the event of a cancelled party (less than 12 hrs prior to the party) no credit or refund will be issued. If a party is cancelled less than 10 days prior to the party, a credit- minus $100 deposit, will be issued. If a party is cancelled more than 10 days prior to the party,  a refund, minus the $100 deposit will be issued; alternatively, you may choose to recieve a credit- minus $50, so that the party can be rescheduled at your convenience. There is a $50 fee to reschedule a party, with more than 10 days notice.



visting our studio

  • Our studio is a socks only space. Children and adults are required to be in socks at all times. Shoes and bare feet are not permitted.
  • Please respect your allotted time as we have strict cleaning protocols in place and can not extend play or programs to accommodate late arrivals.
  • No outside food is allowed in the studio (with the exception of Full day programs and Parties and bottle/breastfeeding) We ask that water bottles remain and be consumed in the entrance area.
  • We ask caregivers to assist us in assuring that stations do not mix – materials from one station may not travel to another station and to supervise children at all times during your visit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I wear shoes? 

No. We are a socks-only facility.  For health and sanitary reasons, we ask that socks must be worn in all areas of our main studio during your visit buy both adults and children. If you have not come prepared we have socks available for purchase at the front desk. Children and/or Adults that require shoes for mobility are excempt from this policy.

What should I expect on a visit to CAF?

We ask that you leave your good clothes at home and dress for mess. If children need to worry about their clothing, they will not be able to enjoy our studio to the full extent. Please wear clothing that you don’t mind getting stained or wet. Bringing along an extra pair of socks for both adults and children, doesn’t hurt!

Can I bring my stroller?

Unfortunately, our current space cannot accommodate strollers inside. We ask that storllers are parked outside of the CAF, we suggest bringing a bike lock. If forgotten, we do have locks to borrow.

Where should I park?

The Children’s Art Factory has 5 dedicated parking spots, located at the side parking lot of our building. These are spots are indicated on the pavement and on our building as ” CAF Visitor”.  We have one parking space dedicated to Birthday Hosts (those who have booked a party with us) and that space is reserved for  the party host on Friday evenings, Saturdays and Sundays. Please do not park your car in the resident parking spots, those spaces are reserved for residents who live in the building.

Down town Guelph’s parking: https://downtownguelph.com/parking/

Get all the details on our location here.

Can I book CAF for my child’s birthday party?

Yes!  Please click on the parties frame on our main page. Parties can be booked directly online.

I have a child with an allergy. Do any of your art supplies have food in them?

No. There are no food items in any of our traditional art supplies. However, we do use rice, corn and lentils as a grinding activity. We do not use any products that contain nuts for grinding.

Moon sand is made by grinding sand and adding wax. We sift moon sand and sand of debris on an on-going basis.

We use tempera paint pucks in our make-up/face painting station on our stage. Tempera paint is completely non-toxic and we replace water whenever needed. We keep baby wipes on hand for cleaning faces. Just ask!

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