Meet Our Team: Christina

Meet Our Team: Christina

Christina Pinarello joined our studio family in 2020, but she has oodles of knowledge and experience from working in her home country of Germany (where she earned her ECE), while travelling the world, and here in Canada.

We are so happy to have her here with us planning and facilitating programs along with helping our studio run!

I asked a few questions to Christina to help people better understand her role as a program facilitator. 

Q: What happens in one of your programs? How does it work?

A: Upon arriving the children and their caregivers are given their very own station with all the materials, supplies and tools they need for the program. We often start with a song or a short story to mark the beginning of the program.

As we don't have any instructions or expectations on how to approach or use these materials, the children can truly explore, experiment and immerse themselves in their own unique way.

After an hour of fun and discovery, we end our program with our Goodbye Song. 

Q: How do you design your program?

A: We pick general themes every week, with that framework I start thinking about what materials I want to introduce if it's going to be messy or dry. And then I start to look around for inspiration, in the studio, in nature, books, internet, through materials...

My most important influence in designing these programs are the children who come to the program, because they enlighten and surprise me every time, using the materials and tools not just one way, but 1,000 other ways.

Q: Why do you think this programming is beneficial?

A: There are so many wonderful benefits. Through a program like this children:

  • think creatively, independently and imaginatively.
  • are motivated and encouraged to experiment
  • will gain an understanding of possibilities of materials
  • celebrate discoveries and experiences
  • explorer their senses 
  • strengthen fine and gross motor skills

Q: What is your favourite part of being a programmer at CAF?

A: My clients, my inspiring workplace, my coworkers and the wonderful CAF community.

Christina facilitates our Baby Basquiat and Frida’s Friends programs! Get on our email list to hear about new session availability.

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