Art factory at home

Bring the best of the art factory to your home with our rentals!

WARNING! These activities may result in deep play and Pure absolute absorption in materials. Please allow children the freedom to experiment. Let them delight in the discovery, experimentation, and find joy in the process.

1 Week

Monday-Friday, 1  expertly curated sensory activity per day

$275 +HST


1 Standard Day

1  expertly curated wet or dry sensory activity

$60 +HST


1 Deluxe Day

ARCHITECT MAKER BIN: all our maker table items (plus extras!)

build-your-own mini tree house

$80 +HST


“We were amazed by how engaged the children were with the materials–it provided hours of sensory play! The kids alternated between ‘cooking’ independently and collaborating on giant cakes and stews. Visiting the Children’s Art Factory is one of our favourite family activities and this was a great way to share that joy at home.

- Claire

“Art Factory in a Box was a super way to spend time with the kids and brought the imagination and creativity of the Art Factory right to our house. There’s nothing better than the open ended play and our kids were occupied for hours. As a parent, it was great because the Art Factory thought of everything we would need. The kids keep asking when we can do it again!”

- Nicole

We have collected all the best activities from the Children’s Art Factory for you to enjoy at home! We clean up the mess and sanitize everything before each activity is used again. The boxes are great for sharing between siblings!  Please note: these may create mess! Setting them up outside may be the best option for some boxes.
We offer free doorstep delivery and pickup within Guelph city limits. Each box is rentable for one day only and delivery/pick-up start at 9:00am Monday-Friday. Delivery to the surrounding area may be available for an additional fee, please email to find out more.

Don’t want the fun to stop? Check out our store for items that are available for purchase, including wet and dry sensory kits.

The contents of each bin may vary. We do our best to accommodate depending on the age and number of children participating as well as the interests of each child.

“I feel like I have a lot in common with the Art Factory; we share ideas about how to foster creative experiences for young children, we trade resources such as books and blogs for encouragement and questions, and sometimes the same children that attend my classroom are fortunate enough to also visit the Art Factory. While Melissa is usually immersed in maintaining the space and materials that make the Art Factory the unique place that it is, our current situation has presented unique challenges for those of us pondering how to promote learning through free play. As a kindergarten teacher I am familiar with a particular approach to bins; they are frequently assembled with very specific materials for prescribed tasks in mind. It is refreshing however to see Melissa take the format of bins and use them as curated mobile spaces in which to assemble open-ended materials for children. While the Maker Bins at the Art Factory are described as having “no instructions” it would appear that the rich array of tools and materials in each bin will provide very appropriate directions for little hands. I am really pleased to see that Melissa has been making intentional plans to support the well-being of children by extending the Art Factory outward. This is a new Art Factory model, and it helps me see what is possible; as a Kindergarten teacher it’s an approach to independent learning  that I am taking note of as I look hopefully toward a return to Kindergarten in September.”

Aaron Senitt,

Kindergarten Educator Paisley Rd PS. OCT, B.F.A, M.A. AE