Frequently Asked Questions about Birthday Parties at CAF


Where do you get your decorate-your-own cupcakes? 

All of our birthday cupcakes are lovingly baked by Megan Ferraro at Cellar Bakery.

Instagram: @cellarbakery
Facebook: Ferraro Baking Co

Are your cupcakes peanut-free?

Our cupcakes are made with flour, white sugar, vanilla, baking soda, salt, apple cider vinegar, vegetable oil and water.
They are dairy and egg free. We use Betty Crocker whipped fluffy white icing (peanut free, contains dairy)

For the Decorating bits we use: mini marshmallows; real juice (peanut free) gummy bears; milk chocolate chips OR  rockets  (please specify).

Do you accommodate any other allergies?

For safety reasons we cannot accommodate any other allergies.

My party is over can me and my guests stay longer?

Daytime parties are welcome to stay after their party is over. There would be an additional flat fee of  $100 for all your guests to stay or your guests can individually pay ($7.00 per person) to stay after the party. Please note: the birthday room would no longer be available.

Can I bring in food and decorations?

Yes. However, we have designed our birthday room for children. Our table and chairs are little. Thus, if you are looking for a space to host a family gathering and you want to feed both adults and children, our space might not be the best fit.

All food must be tree nut and peanut- free.

veggie trays- cheese and crackers- fruit tray and/other light snacks and pizza all work well

We have two 2 x 6 tables which we cover with a fresh sheet of rolled paper for all  birthdays. We provide crayons for the children to decorate the table. For Basic and Themed parties (15 children or less) decorate-your-own party hats are provided.

We provide decorate-your-own cupcakes for all parties except Studio rentals. Cupcakes can be added to the studio rental party for an additional fee.

Our Birthday Room is set up for parties so decorations are not needed.

Are Adults allowed to stay during the party? 

Yes, adults are welcome. However, for safety reasons, all daytime parties have a limit of 1 adult to 1 child ratio.  For evening rentals, 2 adults per child are included for Basic, themed and Studio Rental packages.

What is in the loot bags?

Our Creative Invention Kits contain open-ended art supplies: pipe cleaners; googly eyes; glitter glue; foam; foam core; paper; modelling clay; pen; stickers and a lollipop.

We customize each loot bag with the photo and name of the b-day child.