Buy a Sensory Bin

We know that some of you are out of town or would like something that your family can keep to use over and over again, so we are introducing our Sensory Starter Kits. These are kits for you to purchase to keep some of that Art Factory magic at home! There are currently 2 options (wet and dry), but more will be added soon. We will also be offering add-on items to purchase separately to expand these wonderful kits. Each sensory bin is designed for use by one or two children at a time. Sensory bins can be enjoyed by children of all ages.

Dry Sensory Bin Includes:

1 clear bin
1 white bin
1 bag of white sand
1 wooden stand
 3 funnels
3 flexible tubes
1 small beaker
1 large beaker
1 metal scoop
1 metal sifter
1 rigid plastic tube

Wet Sensory Bin Includes:

1 clear bin
1 pump
5 plastic brushes
1 dry tempera tray
6 tempera pucks
1 wooden stand
2 funnels
1 small beaker
1 large beaker
1 turkey baster
5 small pippettes
1 rigid tube
2 flexible tubes
1 soap bottle
Sensory play is play that engages your child’s senses. Here are just a few of the benefits:

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