Item Rentals


The children’s art factory can come to a birthday and/or special event that includes children (Wedding, Corporate Event, Family Reunion, Festivals and Street Parties!)

We can custom make items for purchase or you can rent items that we have. Rentals are for one 24hr period. We will be responsible for set up and pick up depending on location.

List of items for rent. BONUS-All items for rent include a large bunting to hang as decoration. A tent is included for outdoor events.

*Potion table $200   Potions is one of CAF’s most popular activities and engages children of all ages. Potions is a mixture of vinegar and baking soda but with our table it looks like a mad scientist’s kitchen. The table is constructed with many big funnels and tubes to pour concoctions and magic potions into. Children delight in mixing and remixing and become engaged for a long time with this activity. Explosions happen with this activity but also increases the fun! (includes potions (vinegar, baking soda, soap and paint) and a variety of containers, funnels, pipettes and brushes for mixing and pouring. This is a WET activity so best done outside.                                                                                                                    pations pootions




Spray painting with Plexiglass Easel in a water table $200 includes paint, brushes, sponges, squiggees. A favourite activity at CAF and a wonderful open-ended activity for young children.                                                                                                              Spray painting





Baby Washing Station $150                                                                                          babiesbaby washing and painitngbaby washing


* Children’s Performance Stage $200 ( includes curtains, Rock Stars backdrop; pots and pans drum kit; pianos and real microphone with stand. Make-up station with mirrors and child-friendly make-up and costumes can added for an additional $50)stagedrum kitstage back drop





Children’s  Art Table $200 with open-ended art supplies. ( scissors,  tape, glue, staplers, markers, paper, stickers, hole punches, pipe cleaners, beads, paper, cardboard, and recyclables)

* Lemonade Stand (s) $50 for 1 $60 for 2 or $75 for 3
lemonade stand 2lemonade stand eamon

Castle $100  Wooden castle to paint/draw on and play in. The castle is 12 ft long and 4 ft high.                                                                                                                                  castle with turretscastle art on the streetcastle close upcastle paintpainting castle









Mud-pie Kitchen $150 children play the longest and are the happiest when there is dirt involved; so the addition of a mud pie kitchen is a great addition to any party or event. It is such a wonderful invitation for a child to engage in open play and let their imaginations create endless possibilities all while having their little hands covered with earth’s best toy. Our Mud-pie kitchen can include sand, pebbles, soil and water with a combination of retired kitchen tools and thrift store finds. This kitchen will keep young children occupied for hours at a time.                                                                                                      mud-pie kitchenmud pie





*Extra Large Children’s easel  $100 8 ft long wooden easel suitable for all ages. Paint and Paper included.                                                                                               easel 3easel 4easel





Splatter Booth with paint and brushes $150                                                            Splatter booth!





.*Builder Boards $50- Made possible with a generous grant from THE GUELPH COMMUNITY FOUNDATION in partnership with THE GUELPH NEIGHBOURHOOD SUPPORT COALITION. Builder Boards are the first phase in The Playbourhood Project to bring communities together through play. Builder Boards are an open-ending building material that allows children of all ages to create houses, forts, dens and whatever they wish. A set of builder boards would keep a group of 30 or more children occupied for hours. PLEASE NOTE: Builder Boards are a shared resource between all the Neighbourhood Groups within the City of Guelph. To that end, there is no charge to borrow them if you are a registered Neighbourhood Group within the City of Guelph.                    IMG_0259IMG_0262IMG_0255IMG_0253IMG_0257IMG_0258