School visits

Hi Teachers!

CAF is a great place to come for a class visit! We are particularly geared to Kindergarten, Grade 1 and Grade 2 students. A 2hr visit for one class or 2 smaller classes (up to 35 children) is $200.

At The Children’s Art Factory (CAF) we believe children engage in critical thinking and learn how to become problem solvers when they are allowed to work within very clear parameters but with complete freedom with basic art materials.

Why a visit to CAF? CAF supports and encourages spontaneous and unstructured play. We believe open-ended play goes hand-in-hand with process-based art where children are in control of their own learning. To that end we are set-up to encourage children to explore the studio in their own way. We have many different art stations that foster children’s creativity and the freedom to explore many different kinds of art.

***[Most school settings] avoid mess because of the chaos but we believe and see the glorious mess created by children with the time; space and agency to bask in the productive joy of their own making.- Tom Bedard of Sand and Water Tables.

Class visits can be booked on Mondays (morning and afternoon). Times are: 9:30-11:30am and/or 12:30-2:30pm. Please note: due to our small space we can only accommodate one class at a time.

Some suggestions for a full day visit could include some of Guelph’s other attractions. CAF is located near Guelph’s downtown core and is a walkable distance from the Guelph Public Library(book a tour with a class before or after your visit with the CAF); Guelph Youth Music Center (Great outside space to play and have your picnic lunch!) and on hot/cold days the water feature/skating rink in front of Guelph City Hall. CAF is also close to two amazing neighbourhood parks, one of which is Exhibition Park which has a brand new adventure playground! Perfect for a picnic and play with a class before/after your visit.

CAF has many permanent art stations and one station that changes weekly. Our changing art station can be set up to reflect a particular interest of your class (if the week’s theme does not suit). A take-home activity can be included in the visit at an additional cost. All activities will be processed-based and child-led. A take-home activity could include painting; constructing (creating sculptures using different materials); taking-a–part (working with tools). These are just some ideas but we are open to suggestions. We are set-up for children to get their hands dirty and the best part is that we will clean up the mess!

please email melissa@thechildrensartfactory or call us (226-500-1544) with any questions regarding a visit to the studio with your class. We are registered with the UGDSB for approved class visits.